Heberprot-P is an exclusive product in the world, created for the treatment of complex and deep lesions of the sickness called Diabetic Foot ulcer. It is a drug, developed by the Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, in Havana Cuba.

Heberprot-P, is acquired in the Departments of Angiology of the polyclinics and hospitals in the Cuban provinces with the aim of improving the quality of life of patients, he stressed, were fitted specialized consultations in the polyclinics and hospitals in the province to bring health care and treatment to the patient.

Heberprot-P, the only effective drug against diabetic foot ulcers, complex, has also been applied successfully to more than 12 500 patients from Venezuela, Algeria, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Mexico and other countries.

Angiology Service specialists of clinical and surgical hospital in the city of Holguin, stressed that the preparation biotechnology shows effectiveness and improvement of 95 percent of the cases affected by the so-called diabetic foot ulcers.

The same source added that three weeks into Heberprot-P treatment, all patients showed the restoration of your tissues and healing effectively, allowing their gradual move to rehabilitation, to eliminate the risk of amputation and reduce hospitalization costs accordingly.

Dr. Blas Lopez Rubio, director of the Comprehensive Diabetes Care in the city of Holguin, the highest recommended foot care for the sick and especially when they have this disease.

The accord entre the Cuban company Heber Biotech and the Vietnamese pharmaceutical company establishe Hapharco Purchases and sales for $ 2.5 million-a 20% increase Compared to 2010.